Looking forward to connecting with you.

I will study the information you’ve sent across ahead of our meeting.

What I can do from my side is take a look at your product “from the outside”, as your clients do.

What you can do is prepare a list of pain points and prioritize them so we can get to cover the most of them within the 2 hours.

As promised, we won’t be talking about the Program (unless you have questions about it towards the end) and we will focus on your business.

This meeting is for you and you only. You’ve earned it ?

However, if you DO want to enter the Program, I need to tell you something about it.

Full disclosure

Because I am here to provide tangible value to your business, I cannot accept more than 4 simultaneous clients into the Program.

Currently, there are 2.
So that’s good news.

However, there’s also the non-compete.

Because I’m here to protect you and your business, I have a strict non-compete clause which states that I can only take one client from the same industry and geo.

What happens if there is a client in the same industry and Geo in the Program already?

If it happens, which is extremely unlikely, then you can’t enter the Program.

I’d be sorry to turn you down, but the reasons are that we share a lot of sensitive information in the Program and that I’m not in the business of selling the same solutions to multiple people. That goes against what I believe in, which is transparency and honesty in all interactions, business or otherwise.

This said, I will not just leave you out to dry.

If this is the case, we’ll still have the call, as agreed.

And what I’ll do is try to give you as many sensible suggestions as possible and try to answer some of your most burning questions.

For free, as promised.

I would add you to the list of preferred Program members for the future, should you still be interested.

Until our call,


+33 6 22 89 45 32
[email protected]