What does Web 101 Training include?

The Web 101 Training course is an exclusive 2-hour training course for all who take advantage of the Web 101 Package.

It covers customizing the look of your new website, integrating your Acuity Scheduling and MailChimp and tying up your tracking and analytics. 

List of lessons:



Length: 5:15

customizing - part 1

Customizing Your Website – Changing Your Logo

Length: 7:41

colors part 1

Customizing Your Website – Colors Part 1

Length: 10:03

colors part 2

Customizing Your Website – Colors Part 2

Length: 5:26

logos in widgets

Customizing Your Website – Logos in Widgets

Length: 9:29

images and page elements

Customizing Your Website – Images and Page Elements

Length: 7:39

connecting acuity

Connecting Acuity Scheduling

Length: 7:39

registering stripe

Setting up Payments – Registering and Testing Stripe

Length: 4:46

activating stripe

Setting up Payments – Activating Stripe

Length: 13:29

activating stripe

Setting up Payments – PayPal

Length: 4:23

setting up shipping

Setting up Free Shipping

Length: 7:33

adding sales tax

Setting up Taxes

Length: 3:01

setting up analytics part 1

Setting up Analytics – Part 1

Length: 6:50

setting up analytics part 2

Setting up Analytics – Part 2

Length: 5:57

using mailchimp's app

Using MailChimp App as a CRM

Length: 1:56

Launching your site

Launching Your Site

Length: 6:08

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