You made it to the end! Let’s recap.

Could you help?

Well, yes. Actually, that’s what I do.

And I wanted to tell you a bit about it.

I run a 3-month long Marketing Automation Transformation Program where I work with people to plan, build, launch and analyze marketing automation campaigns with which they can scale their businesses.

I work closely with them and their teams to implement tailor-made email marketing solutions. It’s like having me on board for three months but not be obligated to tolerate me after that 🙂

Jokes aside, it’s very useful because it means dedicating intensive three months to build a good base for scaling up.

And learn, because there’s full transfer of knowledge. I find this very important.

Because this is very focused work, I can accept only a few clients at the same time.

If you’re interested, I suggest you take a look at it by clicking on the button below.

And yes, I do have something special for you on that page.

I won’t tell you what it is here (doh!), but I’ll tell you this: you’ve earned it.

By going through more than 10 long pages of me rumbling about a topic that’s probably not your main focus, I think you deserve a medal! 🙂

I prefer working only with highly focused, strategical people, who can move quickly, implement and scale.

Actually, I just tend to avoid the distracted ones.

See you there!